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Numerical Relays


Leading supplier and exporter of Numerical Relays, Prasiddham Enterprises Private Limited deals with NR Relays manufactured by Nanjing Nari-Relays Electric Co. Ltd. of China. All the Relays supplied and exported by our company are made of best quality raw material to meet clients’ requirements. NR Relays are one of the five largest relay manufacturers in the world. When compared to other relays, NR relays which adopt DPFC technology are more sensitive, faster and reliable. Products of NR relays are available in the following fields:
  • Protective Relay
  • Substation Automation
  • Power Plant Automation
  • Wide Area Protection
  • Dispatching Automation
  • RCS-902: Line Distance Relay
  • RCS-931: Line Current Differential Relay
  • RCS-915: Busbar Protection
  • RCS-978: Transformer Protection

NR's Innovative Technologies

  • Deviation of power frequency component (DPFC)
  • New and unique power swing blocking principle
  • Modular hardware platform
  • Two independent data acquisition to prevent any undesired trip.
  • Patented adaptive floating threshold
  • IEC 61850 communication ( KEMA level A certification)

NR's Transmission Line Protection

  • Overhead lines and underground cables
  • Series compensated lines
  • Double-circuit lines
  • Weak infeed
  • Extremely short lines and long lines
  • Single pole or three pole tripping
  • IEC 61850 communication
  • NR's Benefits to Customers
  • High correct operation rate
  • 100% correct operations in 2004 per State Power Grid Corporation of China
  • Fast operation speed
  • Average 10ms for close-in faults and 22ms for remote faults of RCS-9xx protections
  • Average 20ms for faults in RCS-978 transformer and RCS-985 generator protection
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Customized syste